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Unlike moderate injuries that heal over a matter of days or weeks, serious injuries result in much more severe physical damages and may even grow more debilitating with time, leaving victims with a lifetime of expensive medical care. It is for this reason that serious injury claims are often so essential to the victims: litigation often represents their best chance at recovering fair and just compensation so essential for their quality of life.

We help victims of serious injury secure fair and just compensation against insurance companies, big corporations and the government. Read more about our claim process here.


High Success Rate Handling Serious Injury Cases

You shouldn’t have to pay for another’s negligent mistakes. Pursue compensation for your life-changing injuries with a law firm with true expertise. At Rotsides & Co, we are here to help. Nikos A. Rotsides has been chosen as the recommended Specialist Personal Injury Attorney for Cyprus by the Five Star Law Panel and is regularly appointed as a personal injury expert in Cyprus to provide expert opinions for use in European Courts. Our firm has been awarded multiple awards, as recognition of our expertise and we work with our clients for securing their compensation in Cyprus. We routinely employ expert medical testimony and have a deep understanding of major injuries and their causes.

If your ability to work has been impaired or you are going to require expensive medical care for years to come, it is crucial that you call an experienced and specialised lawyer who can really help you understand your legal options and pursue just compensation right away. Our attention to detail has earned us an exceptionally high success rate and this is why we are in position to fund our clients’ cases and undertake work on the basis of no win no fee agreements.

We have found out that exceptional presentation of your case in Court sometimes may not be enough. This is very important especially in serious injury cases where the defendant insurance company or any other big organization have vast resources and secure defence lawyers and defence expert witnesses pooled together and drag the Court process for as long as possible with the sole purpose to force you to an unfair settlement. It is for this reason that for our serious injury cases we go the extra mile and can offer the following in order to fully support your case against big organisations and insurance companies.


Funding of your Treatment

People who suffer serious injuries would rather not have been injured at all and their main concern is how they’ll get the support they’ll need to live their lives as independently and fully as possible. Recovery of damages and future quality of life is the most important concern. This is why our firm has created alliances to ensure that our clients have access to funds immediately available for rehabilitation, medical care and for other current needs while their claim for compensation is pending.

At Rotsides & Co we recognise the importance of our legal duty to work with medical professionals, to understand how our clients would benefit from early intervention and to assess future needs in order to secure appropriate health care early on and eventually fair and just compensation. We will often be able to arrange for our seriously injured clients either in Road Traffic Accidents or Accidents at Work or even Medical Negligence access to cover, inter alia, the following:

  • Neuro-rehabilitation treatment
  • Access to drugs
  • Physiotherapy
  • Psychological treatment
  • Orthopaedic and other surgery
  • Domestic help in the house
  • Accommodation modification needs
  • Aids and equipment
  • Speech and language therapists


How Clients Benefit from Arranging for Funding

Our Clients can benefit with these sort of arrangements as our lawyers specialising in serious injury claims will recognise and investigate rehabilitation on behalf of our client at the outset. This means that, you will be able to put rehabilitation into place following your discharge from hospital, ensuring that you are supported and cared for during this difficult time.

While the need for medical care and attention is immediate after serious injury, insurance companies in Cyprus resist any attempt for payment unless the injured victim agrees in a lump sum settlement, using in this way the pressing need for medical expenses as leverage against the injured person in order to offer settlements that are not in reality sufficient to cover even the extent of damage and the required care, let alone the award for pain and suffering.

Furthermore, insurance companies often want the injured person to rely on our General Hospitals treatment. While Cypriot General Hospitals can do a great job in looking after those who’re injured, they might not always provide the treatment you need. What’s more, it can also mean long waiting lists and lower numbers of treatment sessions and / or options. There’s no requirement for the injured person to rely on the governmental system of healthcare where responsibility is established against the other party. The treatment can be sourced privately, subject to the injury being caused by the negligent act, and the cost being reasonable. We make this happen for our clients.


Funding your Legal Experts

It may sound like a cliché but it is true that access to funding can help to ensure access to justice. The success of litigants more often than not depends on how deep one’ pockets run. This makes litigating very difficult and risky, especially for people who suffer serious injuries and have to cope on the one hand with loss of income and the mounting costs of medical care and on the other hand with specialist defence lawyer teams employed by large corporations and insurance companies with the sole purpose of getting you to settle for less than what is fair in your case.

Serious injury Court proceedings are costly. The Claimant needs to prove every aspect of his case and often times it is necessary to summon the assistance of experts to assist the Court in deciding the level of compensation. As such, the temptation to settle without initiating Court proceedings can therefore be overwhelming for the client and insurance companies know exactly how they can use this to their benefit. However, settlements in serious injury cases without initiating Court proceedings tend to be significantly lower. From our own experience at Rotsides & Co we can say that settlement after initiating proceedings tends to be between 2 and 3 times the offer prior to litigation.

This is why at Rotsides and Co we raise the necessary funding and arrange for covering the expenses of your experts in trial so that you may push to completion and claim fair and just compensation. Through our network of experts we will arrange for funding your case throughout and will give you complete protection in relation to the expenses of the court action. In this way we guarantee peace of mind and maximum compensation for our client.


Assistance With Governmental Applications

We assist our clients with filing all relevant governmental applications in order to secure that they receive all state benefits for which they qualify after a serious injury. After a serious injury you need all the help you can get, and, navigating through our governmental departments can be a daunting process. If we take on your case we secure that this job is done for you so that you have the peace of mind to focus on your recovery. Whether you need to apply for funding in order to have an operation abroad or for any other government benefits, our experience in this area allows us to proceed swiftly and timely, hence no time is lost in your applications.


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