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"I chose this office because I met Nikos Rotsides who seemed a trustworthy person, besides the good comments from friends and acquaintances, I feel that the personal approach with the client and the trust that is created, are the strengths of the office. Service and communication was impeccable. Nikos Rotsides becomes a friend with the client and inspires trust. "

– Niki Christou, Nicosia

"I particularly liked the professionalism and expertise of the office in the area of personal injury compensation law. Also the whole approach inspires trust. There was excellent communication throughout my representation."

- Andreas Andreou, Kaimakli

"Methodical work. Confidence."


- Annita Assiotou, Aglantzia

 "There is a sense of self-confidence in the way a client problem is approached by Rotsides & Co., and this demonstrates their experience in the area of personal injuries."

- Athena Vanezi, Nicosia

"What led me to choose Rotsides & Co. was the office's zeal to take my case, no matter what the cost. What I really liked is that they simply explained my case to me by providing me with their written opinion analysing the merits of my case, and guiding me further as to what evidence would be required to support my case in Court.

Ta main features of the service at Rotsides & Co are good communication at any time, great interest in promoting my case, and the many hours spent by the office with the experts of the case and myself."

- Christos Englezos, Pera Chorio of Nisou

 "Stay the way you are! I am very proud I have worked with you! Thank you for everything!"

- Kyriakos Kotsonis, Nicosia

 "Professionalism and very good service, always going for the best possible result! I recommend them unreservedly."

- Despina Karmenou, Nicosia

 "I would like to thank N. Rotsides & Co LLC for the valuable guidance and assistance I received, during and after my accident. The experience that Mr Rotsides brings in personal injury claims has played an important role and was the reason why I obtained a timely and full compensation. Thank you N. Rotsides & Co LLC."

- Kullis Damalas, Nicosia