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N. Rotsides & Co. LLC – Elite Cycling Academy and Elite Cycling Team Collaboration

Cyprus Personal Injury Lawyers N. Rotsides & Co. L.L.C. become cycling sponsors by signing an agreement for the sponsoring of Elite Cyprus Cycling Team.

Ethics, sportsmanship and fair play are the common values shared by the two partners that have led to the launch of this collaboration.

Our common vision and goal as stated by Mr. Rotsides, Director of the Law Firm N. Rotsides & Co. L.L.C. and former Cyprus cycling champion, is the development of cycling in Cyprus by attracting young cyclists to the sport and raising public awareness of safe bicycle use as an environmentally friendly alternative to commuting with a car.

Mr. Rotsides stressed that the Elite cycling team stands out because it focuses particularly on the training of its members regarding the safety of cycling. "Both in my capacity as a personal injury lawyer and a cycling athlete, I unfortunately have repeatedly seen the consequences of unsafe riding on the bike," he said.

Mr. Andreas Nicolaou, Chairman of the Board of Elite Cycling Team, added that through targeted collaborative action the two partners have made it their goal on the one hand to attract new athletes to the sport of cycling in Cyprus and on the other to promote social cycling and the use of the bicycle as a means of commuting, which in recent years has been increasing in our country.

Elite Cycling Cyprus operates in 3 axes. In the field of developmental sport, the Elite Cycling Academy operates in Strovolos (English School) and is a member of the Cyprus Cycling Federation (CCF), the Cyprus Sport Organization (CSO), the National Developmental Sports Support (NDSS) and through certified cycling coaches provides education to children aged 6 to 14 years. Elite Cycling Academy aims to the training of young children, familiarizing them with cycling, both inside and outside the city, as well as familiarizing them with racing cycling.

In the field of racing cycling, the Elite Cycling Team takes part in the Pancyprian Championships and Cycling Cups organized by the Cyprus Cycling Federation.

In the field of social cycling, the Elite Group organizes activities aimed at familiarizing the public with cycling and promoting cycling as a safe and green way of traveling.

For further information on Elite Cycling activities, please contact 99 455605 and 99 606852 and access the Elite Cycling website www.elitecycling.eu.