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Spinal surgery complication injuries are often extremely painful and sufferers often go to great measures to find relief from the pain and inability to enjoy doing the things that they enjoy. A big percentage of all spinal procedures fail to relieve the pain, however, and in some cases patients suffer additional injuries during their surgeries or postoperative care. When medical malpractice or negligence results in the need for additional surgeries or results in severe injuries that greatly diminish the victim’s quality of life, a claim may be filed seeking compensation for the cost of revisionary procedures, therapy, ongoing care and additional economic losses that have resulted from the injuries.

In these type of cases, we represent clients who seek compensation for the pain, suffering and loss they have endured as a result of spinal surgery malpractice. Our sole purpose is to secure justice for our clients and ensure maximum compensation for their injuries. In order to guarantee our results and safeguard our client from any risk, we take on your case on a no win no fee funding agreement and ensure that we have the right evidence backed up by our network of specialist medicolegal experts from the outset, so that nothing is left in chance. 


Types of Surgical Spinal Procedures

Back injuries and the subsequent forms of treatment required to correct them fall into two categories.

  • Compression, in which cases decompression is required and stabilization in which weak muscles, bones or supportive cartilage results in ongoing pain or disability. Surgical treatments vary and are dependent upon the location and type of the injury and the prognosis for the patient. The discs of the spine are comprised of a gel like substance that protects the nerves traveling down the length of the spine and when a disc is compressed and pinches a nerve, it can result in extreme discomfort and, in some cases, some form of disability. Decompression surgeries relieve pain by releasing the pressure on the affected nerves and addressing the damage that is causing the compression.
  • Stabilization procedures work to strengthen the spine by providing support in the form of screws and plates that are fused with the spine.


Causes of Injury to Patients During Spinal Surgery

There are numerous ways in which treatment can go wrong during and following spinal surgery, which is why all risks must be discussed with patients prior to treatment and care must be taken to detect and correct any error or concern before it becomes the cause of additional injury. Injuries caused during and following spinal surgery include the following.

  • Misplacement of screws, plates or other hardware— the misplacement of the very equipment that is designed to relief pain and repair damage can be the cause of even more severe injuries.
  • Failure to manage medications— certain forms of medication such as blood thinners can increase the risk of severe bleeding and doctors need to be aware of when patients are using such medication so that they can discontinue their use in order to avoid excessive internal bleeding during and following surgery.
  • Development of clots and hematomas— blood clots may form while the body is trying to heal and can pose significant risks if they travel to critical areas of the body such as the heart or lungs. If hematomas form along the spine, the victim could suffer from permanent paralysis.
  • Incision errors— an improper incision could damage or sever a major blood vessel or nerve and result in severe injury or disability.
  • Irreparable damage to the spinal cord— skin, muscle and bone all heal over time when they have been damaged but damage to the nervous system is permanent as the nerves of the spinal cord, unlike peripheral nerves, do not grow back or heal. For this reason, any injury that occurs to the spinal cord during surgery is beyond repair.


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