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The judgment serves as a reminder of the civil liability duties of all owners of premises, especially commercial premises that receive a lot of guests. People must know their right to compensation in case of wrongful injury that was not their fault.


Slip and Fall and / or Premises Liability: Am I Entitled to Compensation for my Injuries After an Accident?

If you had a slip and fall accident and you were injured, whether that took place in residential or commercial premises, under Cyprus Law you may be entitled to compensation if:

1. The owner of the premises and or the person responsible for the premises caused the danger that caused you injury (for example, leaving soap water without any warning signs on the floor of a busy supermarket).

2. The owner of the premises and or the person responsible of the premises was aware of a potential health and safety hazard and failed to take any preventive / precautionary measures for the health and safety of their visitors.

3. The owner of the premises and or the person responsible for the premises should have known for the health and safety hazards and should have taken effective precautionary measures but failed to do so.

The third case above is clearly the most common one and usually the most difficult one to prove in Court because of the phrase “should have known”. Under Cyprus Law the Judge must decide whether the person responsible for your injuries, under the circumstances should have predicted that the condition of the premises was a potential health and safety hazard and hence take reasonable measures to prevent an accident from happening.

When does the owner of premises “should have known” of the danger? Legal thinking follows logic and hence, under the law in Cyprus the term reasonable foreseeability is important. If the danger to the guest is (was) reasonably foreseeable then, most times, the owner will be liable for failing to take reasonable and sensible steps to prevent such danger. For example:

1. Was there inadequate lighting in a busy passage and this led to the accident?

2. Could a warning sign have prevented the danger?

3. Was there an assessment of all known or reasonably foreseeable risks for the health and safety of the visitor and were there preventive measures in place?

In Cyprus when owners or occupiers of premises fail to take steps to prevent or minimise reasonably foreseeable dangers to their visitors, they may be liable for your compensation in case of injury after an accident.


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