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Important recognition for N. Rotsides & Co at the worldwide awards of Advisory Excellence Awards.

Mr Nikos Rotsides was chosen as the preferred nominee lawyer of our organisation for the area of recovery compensation for road accidents in Cyprus for 2021. With this award, Advisory Excellence confirms our professionalism and our expertise in the are of compensation for road accidences.

The worldwide legal guide Advisory Excellence is one of the top online consulting guides focusing on finding, selecting, promoting and presenting legal advisers and lawyers by field of specialization. This recognition and award were nominated to a one and only specialized legal advisor by field of specialization in each country.

This distinction has been awarded to us after a thorough research from a list of thousands of candidates which was concluded by law firms and lawyers, business directors, internal legal advisors to companies, law firms, high-income individuals and bar associations.

In combination with the independent research which the AE guide conducts and the compilation of the list with the nominees per award, recommendations have also been received from various bodies.

The official announcement and presentation of the winners of the awards, was held with the publication of the Special Version of the AE Magazine which was distributed to all registered users of the guide and it was also posted to their official website.

Another one award for us to be proud and another one recognition of our efforts and achievements. Our goal, is to continue tirelessly our ongoing focus to the excellence and success of our office, always close to our clients.