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Medical Malpractice: Cyprus Cerebral Palsy Lawyers

If your child has Cerebral Palsy, it could have been caused by a lack of oxygen and / or other trauma to your baby during your baby’s birth.

In this specialized area of the law we represent clients who seek to be compensated for the pain and suffering they have endured due to medical negligence occurring before, during or after pregnancy and labour. The failure to appreciate the baby’s condition and act to save the baby can be malpractice.

Although doctors and nurses are trained to identify when the fetus is becoming stressed and suffering oxygen loss during labor and delivery, in all too many instances they fail to identify the problem or take action to avoid brain injury to the baby.

Not all medical mistakes are medical negligence.  With the help of specialists we are able to evaluate the medical records in order to determine whether your child’s Cerebral Palsy, was in fact the result of medical negligence.


How do I Claim?

If you decide to pursue an action for medical negligence compensation for your child, we will handle you case with the care and sensitivity needed. Initial consultations are free, and the decision of whether or not you want to continue with your claim rests with you. We will you advice you about the next steps and the chances of success.

Not sure where to start? Tell us what happened. Call us today at our Nicosia office at +357 22 102081 or email us at [email protected] We are here to help.

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