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If you or a loved one is involved in an accident with an uninsured or untraced driver, you may be concerned about the complexity of making a claim. Our experience in claims against uninsured or untraced (hit and run) drivers allows us to assist you in every step of your claim for compensation and ensure your claim will run smoothly all the way to receiving your compensation.


Road Traffic Accident Compensation Against Uninsured Drivers

In this area of the law we work with injured Road Traffic Accident victims in order to secure their fair compensation against the Motor Insurers’ Fund (MIF). Cyprus motorists are required to obtain adequate motor insurance to legally drive a vehicle on our roads. There are however road users in Cyprus that choose to drive without insurance. If you are hit by an uninsured driver there is no insurance company to claim compensation against for damage to your vehicle or personal injury. This does not mean that you are unable to recover your losses. We ensure that our clients’ cases against uninsured drivers are enforced against the MIF.


Road Traffic Accident Compensation Against Untraced Drivers (hit and run cases).

This is a worldwide phenomenon, and unfortunately it happens in Cyprus as well. Hit and run incidents take place every year on Cyprus’s roads. If you are hit by an untraced driver there is no insurance company to provide compensation for your losses. This does not mean that you are unable to make a claim. Provided that you meet the criteria we can recover your compensation for your personal injuries and financial losses and ensure that you will be compensated for your losses and injuries.


What to Do if you are Hit by an Uninsured Driver or a Driver that Cannot be Identified

If you are involved in a road traffic accident with an uninsured or untraced driver, it is essential that you contact the police as soon as possible. If you do not inform the police it may not be possible to make an uninsured or untraced driver claim through the Motor Insurers’ Fund (MIF). It may also help if you make a note of any witnesses and take photos of the scene as evidence. The police must ensure that your claim will investigated properly. It is very important at an early stage to appoint an experienced Road Traffic Accident lawyer that has successfully dealt with such cases in the past to ensure everything runs smoothly in your case.


About the Motor Insurance Fund of Cyprus (MIF) 

The Motor Insurers’ Fund was established in 1969 and it continues to operate under the provisions of the Motor Vehicles (Third Party Insurance) Law of 2000, as amended, and to serve the purposes for which it was founded.

All insurance companies, that fall under the provisions of the Insurance Business Law and which transact Motor Third Party Insurance business in Cyprus, are members of the Fund.

The Fund is funded by a charge on Motor Insurance premium which is currently fixed at 5% and it is collected through the Insurance Companies.


Start Your No Win no Fee Claim for Compensation Today

In this area of the law we work with clients that have suffered injuries due to hit and run accidents with the sole purpose of safeguarding their rights and claim on their behalf the maximum attainable compensation. We have assisted many victims of road traffic accidents to get the compensation they deserve. Our office has secured for many road traffic accident victims fair compensation for their continued medical care, the loss of their income and the pain and suffering they have endured due to the negligence of others.

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We do not charge for the initial consultation. The decision of whether you wish to proceed is entirely yours. We will advise as to the merits of your case, the chances of success and the amount you may expect as compensation. We offer no win no fee funding agreements which means there is no financial risk to you.