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Being involved in an accident as a passenger on a bus can cause serious injuries. If you have been injured whilst travelling on a bus or coach, then you may be able to pursue bus accident injury compensation.


Gather Necessary Information for your Bus Accident

It is important that you take down a few details about the accident to help your road traffic accident claims lawyer with your case. Details such as the time, date and place of the accident and the route number, driver name and registration number of the bus you were travelling on are important. You should also report your injury to the driver immediately and retain your bus ticket.


The Liability may be With the Bus Company or With Someone Else

It is the bus company and driver’s responsibility to ensure your safety whilst you are using their services. This includes ensuring the bus and its facilities are suitable for use, as well as the driver driving responsibly and carefully. Unfortunately, at times road users show little respect for buses and this can result in accidents. Incidents where cars try to overtake buses at inappropriate times, or fail to stop when they are pulling out, are frequent causes of accidents. In cases where it is not the bus driver’s fault, you can claim for your injury from the motorists insurance. In cases where the bus company is at fault, they have insurance in place to compensate potential injuries.


Types of Bus and Coach Accidents

A bus can be carrying many passengers at any one time, which is a huge responsibility – one that should not be taken lightly. We have been involved in various cases with bus accidents. Below are some examples:

Driving style

Driving around corners too fast, heavy or sudden braking and accelerating, or a collision – in these situations passengers can be thrown from their seats, which can result in injury. It is not always the fault of the driver but sometimes it is their careless behaviour that can lead directly to people getting injured.

Collision with another vehicle

If your bus is involved in a collision with another vehicle and it was the other vehicle driver’s fault then any bus passenger accident claim compensation will be claimed from the responsible driver’s insurance company. If your bus or coach is involved in an accident and it was the driver’s fault then the claim will be made against the bus companies’ insurance company.

Simple Accidents

Other more simple bus accidents might include cutting yourself on a sharp, damaged or faulty fixture or fitting on the bus, slips and trips on the bus and falling when getting on or off the bus.

The bottom line is if you have been involved in a bus accident as a passenger and it was not your fault, then you may be able to claim compensation. If you’re not sure you could, you may contact us for more information. Many times bus accidents may lead to serious injury in which case your case may go under our serious injury procedure.


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