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Bicycle Accident Claims – Frequently Asked Questions and Our Answers

Rotsides & Co L.L.C. has represented many injured cyclists over the years. We like to keep our clients informed. Below we answer some of the recurring questions we receive from our cyclist clients in Cyprus.

Make sure you also read the frequently asked questions for motorcycle injury and for car accidents which contain important information for your claim. You may also read through the section on the truth about settlements which contains valuable information for settlements with insurance companies.

If you want to know more about the way we will handle your claim you can read the client journey to our process page.


Can I claim compensation after a bicycle accident?

If you have been involved in a bike accident that was not your fault, or have been injured because of road disrepair whilst cycling, we can secure on your behalf compensation for your injury and financial losses as long as the incident happened within the past three years. Unfortunately, if the incident happened over three years ago, it is not likely to be possible to make a claim. Contact us to find out more.


What can I claim for?

Cypriot law of damages for personal injury usually allows for damages that broadly fall into two categories.


General Damages – This covers your injury (physical and psychological) and also takes into account any limitations your injury has placed on you, for example inability to compete in races, or any other limitation in your way of life.

Special Damages – These are your financial losses. Some typical losses, among others would be:

  • Bicycle repair or replacement,
  • Loss of earnings,
  • Reasonable medical treatment costs,
  • Damaged clothing and / or equipment
  • Care and assistance costs

Remember that when claiming for damage to your bicycle, the other side’s insurer are liable to pay for repair costs (if economical), or the pre-accident value of the bicycle (if the bicycle is a ‘write-off’). This is not necessarily the amount that you originally paid for your bicycle.

Unless your damaged cycling clothing and gear is brand new, they are usually subject to a reduction for 'wear and tear’.

Please also note that the other side’s insurer is not obliged to make any payments for financial losses which have no evidence to support them.


What evidence do I need to support my bicycle claim?

For damage to the bicycle, you will need an estimate for the repair costs/pre-accident value. This will usually be from a cycle shop but we can also arrange to obtain one through our network of associate experts. Common evidence we require from our clients may be, without limitation, the following:

  • Photographs of the bicycle
  • Original purchase receipt, if available.
  • For damage to clothing photographs, estimates and original purchase receipts (if available) will be needed.
  • Receipts for all other losses will be required (e.g. physiotherapy invoices and taxi fare receipts).
  • Regarding loss of earnings, the evidence needed will differ depending on whether you are self-employed or not. We will discuss the necessary evidence needed with you.
  • Medical evidence in the form of examination results and doctor’s reports.


How will my bike claim be funded?

At N. Rotsides & Co L.L.C., we ensure that there is no risk to our client. You do not pay unless we recover your compensation. We finance your case with a no win no fee agreement which means no risk to you.


What is the general procedure for a cycling accident compensation claim?

This will depend on the complexity of your case and on whether liability is admitted or not and on whether you have suffered serious injury. For general information on the way we handle claims you may press here to find out more.


How long does a claim usually take?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to say how long a claim will take. In a simple injury case where liability is admitted by the defendant insurance company we may be able to recover your compensation within 2 months from the day we receive instructions. Some cases may take up to 4 years in Court before we are able to secure your compensation.

There are a number of factors which will affect the length of a claim. These are most notably the seriousness of the injury, the nature of the liability investigations and other associated parties’ co-operation (e.g. police and medical experts).

We can, however, assure you that at Rotsides & Co we take a pro-active approach to ensure claims are dealt with as efficiently as possible, and that our clients achieve the maximum amount of damages to which they are entitled. You may press here to read our what we do section to find out more.


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