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We Get It, We’re Cyclists Too.

With our very own cycling team, you can have total confidence in us to understand road use from a cyclist’s point of view.

We have many years of experience in recovering fair and just compensation for cyclists who may have been knocked off their bike or hit by a car. With a long history of success against insurers we use all our experience and knowledge to recover the maximum possible compensation and provide the best possible service to get you back on the saddle.

If you have been involved in a cycling injury and you don't feel it was your fault you could be entitled to cycling injury compensation.

We’ll help you recover the compensation you deserve for your injuries, both for minor injury cases and for serious injury cases. We will provide instant access to private physiotherapy, and recover loss of income and out of pocket expenses including damaged bikes, equipment and clothing.


Expert Cycling Injury Compensation Lawyers

In this area of the law we work with cyclists that have suffered injuries due to negligence of others with the sole purpose of safeguarding our cycling clients’ rights and securing on their behalf maximum compensation. We are committed to assisting cyclists recover maximum compensation for their injuries and can help you fully understand all of the issues related to the accident that you have had.

There are many issues to consider which are particular to cycling and bicycle accidents, but due to our experience and expertise we will be able to guide you through them at your own pace, ensuring you understand fully how we will help you receive compensation.


Common Cycling Injuries

Here are some common bicycle accident injuries that we are used to dealing with:

  • Head Trauma; even in cases where the cyclist was wearing a helmet at the time of the accident;
  • Bone fractures: a cyclists legs are usually to point of contact after a fall. This may lead to various leg fractures, including fractures of the pelvis and hip;
  • Fractures in the hands, clavicle, wrists, shoulders; these are also common in cycling falls as the instinctive response of many cyclists after a fall would be to put their hands first on the tarmac in an attempt to protect themselves.

The above mentioned injuries may lead to considerable medical expenses, loss of income, persisting immobility / health problems, pain and suffering. In some very serious cases, they may lead to permanent handicap.

Our friendly and co-operative approach to bicycle accident compensation claims is one of the reasons that we have been trusted from so many cyclists for their injury claims throughout Cyprus.


Types of Bicycle Accident Compensation Claims in Cyprus

We regularly act for cyclists who have been involved in cycle accident claims. There are many different types of bicycle accidents which could give rise to a potential bicycle accident compensation claim including:

  • Bicycle accidents caused by other vehicles: You may be knocked off your bike due to the negligence of a car, motorbike, lorry or even another bicycle.
  • Bicycle accidents caused by pedestrians: If you have been knocked off your bicycle due to the negligence of a pedestrian.
  • Bicycle accidents caused by poor road conditions: This could include bicycle accidents caused by potholes or other uneven road surfaces and bicycle accidents caused by slippery roads in areas where it would be reasonably foreseeable that an accident could happen and the responsible authority did not take prevention steps to minimise the risk of accidents.


Our Services for Bicycle Accident Compensation in Cyprus

If you have been involved in a cycling or bicycle accident, contact us;

  • We will immediately provide you with free practical advice on your potential cycling claim. We have a depth of experience in cycling claims including hit and run cases, cycling road traffic collisions and accidents caused by poorly maintained roads. Our team of qualified professionals can also assist with road inspections where necessary.
  • We work on your cycling accident case from start to finish so that you have continuity and support at all stages throughout your claim.
  • We will secure bicycle repair costs for you or a replacement bicycle of equivalent specification and cost where repair is either not possible or is impractical.
  • We can arrange for our associate bicycle engineer to inspect your bicycle and equipment if necessary.
  • We will recover damages for personal injury, pain, suffering and loss of amenity and instruct medical experts to support your case if and where necessary.
  • We will recover your losses, which may include loss of earnings, prescription charges and charges incurred for any specialist treatment that you may require as a direct result of your accident, such as physiotherapy or any other rehabilitation treatment.

We are cyclists ourselves and our experience in this area of the law enables as to act at high standards with all aspects of your claim and ensure the best possible settlement for you in the shortest possible time.


Recover Your Cycling Accident Compensation Today

In this area of the law we work with clients that have suffered injuries due to cycling accidents with the sole purpose of safeguarding their rights and claim on their behalf the maximum attainable compensation. We have assisted many victims of road traffic accidents to get the compensation they deserve. Our office has secured for many road traffic accident victims fair compensation for their continued medical care, the loss of their income and the pain and suffering they have endured due to the negligence of others.

Call us today at our law office in Nicosia at +357 22 020130 or email us for a free assessment of your road traffic accident case. If you are unable to visit us at our office we may arrange for a home or hospital visit.

Our law office is in Nicosia and we take on cases and appear before all district Courts in all cities of Cyprus: Nicosia, Limassol, Larnaca, Famagusta, Paphos.

We do not charge for the initial consultation. The decision of whether you wish to proceed is entirely yours. We will advise as to the merits of your case, the chances of success and the amount you may expect as compensation. We offer no win no fee funding agreements which means there is no financial risk to you.