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Cyprus Paediatric Hip Dysplasia Negligence

In this type of cases we work with clients in order to ensure their compensation for the pain and suffering they have endured as a result of medical malpractice that caused hip dysplasia. To guarantee this happens we thoroughly review the case at the outset with the help of professionals of the field and work closely together with our clients over numerous meetings to be sure that nothing is left to chance.

Paediatric hip dysplasia occurs surprisingly often. A lack of intrauterine fluid, a breech birth, a family history of hip problems, and a difficult in utero position can all increase the risk of hip dysplasia in infants. Newborns and young baby patients may be fitted with a Pelvic Harness, a brace that helps to normalize the hip joint. Interestingly approximately 9 out of 10 newborns born with hip dysplasia will recover completely with this treatment.

Physician negligence, carelessness, or other errors (such as failure to perform Barlow and Ortolani tests correctly) can inadvertently cause pain in young children and generate a lot of unnecessary medical bills for parents.


The Long-Term Consequences of Poorly Treated Pediatric Hip Dysplasia

According to multiple articles in the Journal of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, developmental dysplasia of the hip (also known as DDH) can lead to a lifetime of medical problems. For instance, in a 2001 article, “Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip from 6 Months to 4-Years of Age” the authors note that “once DDH is recognized in the first six months of life, treatment with the Pavlik Harness frequently results in an excellent outcome. For children older than six months, achieving a concentrically reduced hip while minimizing complications is more challenging.”

This means that untreated children – or poorly treated children – can be at higher risk for a lifetime of conditions like hip arthritis, hip replacements, and musculoskeletal problems.


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