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1 They don’t obtain enough evidence

The first thing you need to do after an accident, is to gather all evidence. Look at the scene of the accident as if it was a scene of a crime. If you have your mobile phone, take some videos and photos and right them all down. Speak to all witnesses who are there because usually witnesses are not willing to help in a future period when you will need them. What were the circumstances of the accident? Where there any bushes or trees which made driver visibility low? Where there enough road lighting? Is there braking on the road? In the scene of the accident, if you can, take photos with the positioning of the cars. Gather as much possible evidence and you can, the sooner you can, because it is your responsibility as an observer and claimant to prove that the accident was caused due to neglection of the third party. Without these evidences, it will be very difficult to prove your case.


2 They don’t obtain Medical Testimony

Insurers sometimes respond to a claim, offering straight away a sum for compensation. It is almost impossible for a lawyer to estimate correctly the amount of your claim without medical testimony. You should be very hesitant in accepting such offer.

The reason is that, after the accident, the whole treatment of the therapy must be concluded, all relevant evidence like treatment receipts, receipts of medical visits, diagnostics receipts, medical testimony in the form of medical certification of your treating physician in which the diagnosis, the course of your recovery and the prognosis for any future residues are recorded in detail and must be given to your lawyer in order to submitted

The careful collection of necessary testimony material and the correct recording of your injuries, will help in the correct award of justice and the recovery of fair compensation for your injuries. If these are not obtained, it will be difficult to convince the insurance company to reimburse any compensation.


3 They don’t keep receipts for their financial damage

This is the nightmare for all lawyers of our office. Every time you incur costs due to your accident, you should need to record them. Keep all receipts, keep a record of these receipts or send it to your solicitor. The insurance company and the lawyers of defence, rightly, they will ask for receipts of each cost. If you claim you have lost of income, you should be able to prove it. Hence, you should get consultation from your lawyer at an early stage in order to know what you can claim and what you are not going to be able to claim.

Read more how we can assist you and what you can claim in frequently asked questions page of our clients.


4 They sign documents without reading first

We have seen multiple times clients lose their right to get compensated due to the fact tha they have signed exception documents without reading what they were about.

If you have a compensation claim, do not sign anything unless you get approval from your lawyer.

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5 They think they can head against Insurance Companies and handle effectively their claim without a lawyer.

Usually, insurance companies try to approach you, in order to settled the claim directly with you and tell you that lawyers complicate thinks and without them you will receive your compensation sooner. This is not valid.

Our multiyear experience has shown us, that without having substantial pressure to the insurance company, a fair settlement for compensation will never be proposed. How can someone who is not a lawyer pressure the insurers? This is not possible. The departments of insurance companies that are responsible for these claims, are recruited by experience professionals who face cases like these on a daily basis. The only way to go against them is to recruit the same expertise, power and skill in order to present correct the appropriate evidence to the court and to ensure a decision for a greater amount than that they propose.

This leads to the 6th common mistake that client do.


6 They assume that all lawyers have the same skills and expertise.

We are not all the same.

We live in the era of specialization.

The neurosurgeon specializes in the surgeries, the neurologists do the consultation. The plumber does the water plumbing and the electrician the electrical installations.

Instead of obtaining assistance from a qualified electrician, you find a handyman and do the electrical installation for you.

At your own risk!

The same goes for layers.

I would never consult someone for a construction difference, yet I can count the fingers of my one hand when some client asked me if I had handled a case like his in the past.

If you want to have the support and expertise of a professional who has handle multiple cases like yours with exceptional results, make sure your lawyer knows the subject. Your compensation is very important, so trust someone experience for your case. This way you can be sure that the outcome will be what is expected.

Sure, you can assign your case to a lawyer who does a little bit of everything and doesn’t have the relevant experience, or even worst to a “claims advisor”.

At your own risk!


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