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Cyprus Motorcycle Accident Compensation Lawyers

Few things in life offer the sense of freedom one feels during a motorcycle ride in the winding roads of Cyprus. For city dwellers motorcycle offers a comfortable economical and practical means of daily commuting. As such, motorcycle is widely used in many contexts in Cyprus. Unfortunately, car drivers more often than not do not keep due care and attention with regards to motorcycle drivers. Often times cars block the way of motorcyclists, negligently go through traffic junctions or enter main roads without proper lookout or generally drive in such a way that cause motorcycle accidents. 
Due to the unprotected nature and exposure of motorcycle drivers, a crash with a car or a fall on the tarmac may have as a result very serious injuries. Motorcycle injuries vary in kind and severity but often we face traumatic spine injury, burns, traumatic brain injury, hip and pelvis fractures or even death.
Peculiarities of Motorcycle Accidents
A possible hurtle in claims for motorcycle injury compensation is the negative perception people often (wrongly) have about motorcycle riders. Insurance companies trade on such misconceptions in order to secure a quick and beneficial out of Court settlement. Our experience in personal injury law enables us to effectively refute such claims, gather all the necessary evidence that points to the liability of the other driver as well as the damages pain and suffering that was caused to you because of the accident in order to effectively present your claim for compensation. 
Proceed Today with Your Motorcycle Injury Claim
In this area of the law we work with clients that have suffered injuries due to a motorcycle accident with the sole purpose of safeguarding their rights and claim on their behalf the maximum attainable compensation. We have assisted many victims of road traffic accidents to get the compensation they deserve. Our office has recovered hundreds of thousands Euros on behalf of our clients for their continued medical care, the loss of their income and the pain and suffering they have endured due to the negligence of others. 
Call us today at our law office in Nicosia at +357 22 102081 or email us for a free assessment of your motorcycle accident case. If you are unable to visit us at our office we may arrange for a home or hospital visit.
Our law office is in Nicosia and we take on cases and appear before all district Courts in all cities of Cyprus.
We do not charge for the initial consultation. The decision of whether you wish to proceed is entirely yours. We will advise as to the merits of your case, the chances of success and the amount you may expect as compensation.
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